Mobile Used Through The Week, While PC Used Only On Weekdays

Mobile Internet is no substitute for PC. Mobile is used through the week, while PC used only on weekdays

Effective Measure, the leading provider of digital media planning solutions in the emerging markets, today announced that 1.6 million South Africans rely on their mobile more regularly than PC to access the Internet.

Effective Measure South Africa Business Development Manager, Francois Vorster, said, “The trend for PC showed strong use on weekdays followed by sharp dips over the weekend. In comparison, mobile showed slight fluctuations – suggesting that mobile is used more consistently through the week and is not influenced by PC use.

“With mobile accounting for an encouraging 6% of current online activity in South Africa – higher than other emerging markets such as South East Asia, a continuation of gradual upward trend as seen in Q2 is an indicator of the penetration of mobile devices.

“A spike towards the end of June, that may be contributed to the RICA SIM card registration, shows how the South African market is becoming more receptive to mobile Internet. “With more South Africans getting savvy with mobile apps for their shopping, travelling, news and social networking needs, businesses focused on growth should consider engaging with their audience through mobile marketing.

“This upward trend is in line with the increasing penetration of smartphones and integration of e-commerce in the local marketplace,” said Vorster.