SuperBru reaches 500,000 player milestone


Sports prediction platform SuperBru this week welcomed its 500,000th player since inception. The game has become an important part of the lives of many sports fans as they predict sports results to win bragging rights over their friends and colleagues.

SuperBru began life in 2001 as a sheet of paper stuck on a fridge in student digs in London, evolving into an private online game in 2003 and then opening to the public in 2006. Now with over 500,000 players, if SuperBru were a country, it would be the 172nd largest in the world, just behind Luxembourg and ahead of Cape Verde.

SuperBru’s founder, Andy Wood, said, “I’m honoured and humbled that so many people have played our game. Our audience grew by 33% in 2012, and it seems to be growing faster and faster – Luxembourg, we’re coming for you.” Interviews with Andy Wood can be arranged, and for more information, please visit

  • Alan Morrissey

    Brilliant achievement, I am one of those 500,000. It would be great to see Superbru tagged on Effective Measure and reporting these stats in the Media planning tool…

  • Alan Morrissey

    My apologies, just checked and superbru are tagged up…..Friday brain lapse…