DMMA/Creative Circle Quarterly Winners Announced!

“As usual at this time of year, there are a very large amount of entries, due to the already packaged case studies that are submitted to Loeries at around the same time. The quality was also very high, with several pieces of work in my view, that could have won a normal round of awards, if they weren’t up against such a volume of quality. All 4 finalists were strong examples of ‘digital’ and all from different parts of the digital landscape. Generally it was great to see so much quality work being produced by our industry and the obvious growth this reflects in the investment by clients in good ideas.  Pete Case, Gloo Design, Chairperson of Digital DMMA/Creative Circle quarterly awards.

The outright winner was the genius of ‘Tweet for sweets’, a wonderful brand aligned concept, execution and activation for Toyota Etios, that rewarded the consumer who interacted with a shopfront, with not only sweets after tweeting the brand message, but also a beautifully crafted physical experience within the storefront.

Runners up included, the Peugeot 208 microsite, with humorous interactive videos stories, Continentals online game named The Power Of Stop, and my personal favourite; Kellogs superbly simple audio tracks delivered to the phones of breakfast cereal eaters, via USSD. The concept turning breakfast time into story time and helping bringing a sense of edutainment to the family breakfast table.

Well done to all the winners (and those that didn’t quite scrape in). It’s a privilege being part of judging such as high breadth of work and a great sign of our communitys’ maturing talents.”



1.         Toyota/Etios “Tweet for Sweets”                                Hello Computer Jhb/Draftfcb Jhb

2.         Peugeot/208 “Let your Body Drive”                            EuroRSCG SA/BETC Euro Paris

2.         Continental SA/Tyres “Continental Power of Stop”                            Hello Computer

3.         Kellogs/Rice Crispies “Story time”                                                      Trigger Isobar


The Digital Judging panel for July 2012 comprised of:

                                      Pete Case                                        Gloo Design

                                      Mark Tomlinson                  Hello Computer

                                      Adam Whitehouse             Native

                                      Matt Ross                             KingJames

                                      Nicholas Wittenberg          Ogilvy CT

                                      Emma Carpenter                Quirk

                                      Nic van den Bergh             Aegis Media

                                      Bruce Anderson                 Net#Work BBDO