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Adnext to bridge the gap between strategic digital thinking and effective implementation

The importance of sound strategy that spans across all marketing communication disciplines has never been as important as it is today. Rapidly changing media landscapes and the proliferation of digital possibilities has seen many marketing strategists often at a metaphoric spaghetti interchange when it comes to strategic messaging and the tactical delivery and implementation that realises intent. Keeping up with technology, media consumption patterns and sound strategic channel use could become a minefield of machine-gun tactics when not built on a solid foundation.

BDFM publishers in partnership with Electric Herd will bring together leading figures in branding, marketing, publishing and technology to make sense of it all through sharing insights, experience and results of successful strategic implementation at the Adnext Conference, 10-11 October at the Turbine Hall in Johannesburg. Some of South Africa and the world’s best brands and savvy marketers will relate success stories and case studies, including keynote speaker and architect of Nike’s Just Do It campaign, Scott Bedbury along with speakers from brands as diverse as FNB, McDonalds, Vodacom, Ogilvy and BDFM among others.

“Merging traditional business with digital technology is not for the faint hearted.  This conference feaures the brave business people who have dared to embrace change and improved their businesses through this process. “ Bronwen Auret, GM, BDFM Digital.

“Adnext will feature hand-picked and world renowned experts in branding, business and marketing, leaders in their fields who have first-hand experience in developing effective strategies; who have embraced the digital environment creating products and building leading brands,” says Electric Herd managing director Steve Morris. “The shift between traditional and digital media saw a long-tail, two decade movement where consumption patterns have changed radically, with likely much more to come. Keeping track or even just keeping up with change is a challenge every marketer and publisher faces daily; forecasting and trending often requires rapid intervention. Organisations need to be equipped to reorganise their business and marketing communication strategies to fully embrace the digital age as a mass market communication tool with characteristics such as instant word of mouth often lying at odds with traditional thinking.”

“The conference focuses not just on creative execution but the strategic thinking behind advertising. It will uncover big ideas, innovation, and deep dive into the strategic implementation and delivery of the most compelling and integrated digital content and advertising for consumers,” said Tshego Malinga, BDFM Marking Manager. “The forum is designed to inspire integrated strategic thinking and sharing of ideas, successful strategies and the intention is to create an environment where delegates can share, engage and learn from one another.”